Saturday, November 5, 2011

business letter for request a technician visiting

business letter for request a technician visiting

Masterton Machine Co. in difficulty once again. They now request a visit from the technician

C. Plummer, Esq.,
Sales Department,
Welford Chemicals Ltd
Abbey Road,
29th June, 20..

Dear Sir,

We refer to your letter of 23rd June, in which you recommend the SANDFORD LC and the DIMPLON 75 spray-guns.

We ordered the SANDFORD LC but have so far not received it. We managed to get hold of a DIMPLON 75, however, and have been using that. Unlike the DIMPLON 60 the 75 does not clog, but it does have a tendency to spray rather unevenly from time to time. Since you offered to send your technician along if we needed him, we have stopped spraying for the moment so as not to risk ‘over-spraying’, thereby making it difficult to remove the protective film.

We should be most obliged if you would arrange for your technician to call within the course of the next few
days so that we may soon resume spraying.

Yours faithfully,


H. Brooks
Export Department
The Mastertori Machine Co. Ltd
Heecon Works
Tel. Cardm 91325

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